University of Scouting Presentation Slides

The WPC University of Scouting in January of each year is a great resource for Scout leaders to learn about a variety of subjects that encompass Special Needs Scouting. These presentations are being provided as a resource to leaders who need information on how to best serve their scouts.

Introduction to Special Needs Scouting Resources

Assist all Scout Leaders in developing and coordinating an effective Scouting program for scouts with disabilities and special needs, using all available BSA & community resources.

Introduction to Abilities Awareness for Leaders

Help leaders create a positive and inclusive program for all youth in their unit, including those that have different abilities or challenges.

Working with SN Scouts with ADHD

 Understand the nature of ADHD and how it impacts Students/Scouts

 Discuss these impacts on the Scouting Environment

 Develop practical approaches to Enhance the Scouting Experience in an Inclusive Environment

Working with SN Scouts-Advancement

An overview of how advancement accommodations work for scouts with special needs. Depending on the type or severity of a disability, scouts can have accommodations made to help them succeed in Scouting at all levels! For all adult leaders.

Working with SN Scouts with Autism Spectrum

What is Autism and related syndromes? How can we understand autistic behavior and learn to relate to scouts so they in turn can succeed?

Working with Special Needs Scouts – Preventing & Recognizing Bullying

Explore skills and talents 

Share relevant experiences 

Participate in formal/informal “team building” exercises designed to enhance interpersonal communication and teamwork 

Demonstrate willingness to share personal and professional information with others on the team (Build trust and predictability)

Defining the Core of Bullying

The definition of Bullying: Bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence all create or contribute to negative social environments.

Anti-Bullying Activity Suggestions