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Because every Youth deserves trained leaders

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. Are you fulfilling your promise to help deliver an outstanding Scouting experience to your Scouts?

Training for leaders is important. As a leader, training makes you knowledgeable and confident in the role you perform. The knowledge and confidence of a trained leader is quickly sensed by the youth you serve and is a positive influence on their lives.

The leadership training philosophy of the Boy Scouts of America is to provide adult leaders with fundamental information about the aims and purposes of the program, as well as specifics about their particular roles in Scouting.

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Did you know that trained leaders recharter 18 percent more youth than an untrained leader?

What Makes a Trained Leader?

Youth Protection Training (YPT) is required for all registered volunteers.

New leaders are required to take YPT before they submit their application for registration and begin working with youth. The certificate of completion is then submitted with the application. YPT must be taken every two years. If a volunteer's YPT is not current at the time of recharter, the volunteer will not be re-registered.

Cub Scout leaders are considered trained when they have completed Youth Protection, and the Cub Scout Leader Specific training for their position.

Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters are considered trained when they have completed Youth Protection, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training, and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills.

Committee members are considered trained when they have completed Youth Protection and the Troop Committee Training as their Leader Specific training.

Venturing crew Advisors, assistant Advisors, and crew committee members are considered trained when they have completed Youth Protection and Venturing Leader Specific Training.

When Does Training Expire?

 One (1) year from last certification

  • Portable Challenge Structure Facilitator
  • Visitation Training
  • Youth Protection

Two (2) years from last certification

  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Safety Afloat
  • Climb on Safely
  • Physical Wellness
  • Trek Safely
  • Hazardous Weather Training


Three (3) years from last certification

  • Paddle Craft Safety
  • Swimming and Water Rescue
  • BSA Lifeguard
  • Climbing Instructor Level 1/Level 2

Five (5) years from last certification

  • National Camp School Certifications 

Adult Leadership and Training Awards

Scouting leaders who go through training have already shown dedication to the youth in their care. Their further dedication to the youth and the program of Scouting deserves recognition, and leaders are encouraged to apply for the awards available to them. These awards are intended to honor demonstrated performance and tenure of trained leaders in all areas of the Scouting program.

You can complete the appropriate application online at Scouting.orgExternal Link The Training Awards application links are at the bottom of the page.

Want A Step-By-Step Guide?

Take a deep dive into program-specific and supplemental training.

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